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    Here following pls find a brief description and some pictures of our mobile harbour cranes for sale.
    These kind of cranes are suitable expecially for small/medium ports/terminals/piers, river ports etc. but can be very useful even for handling iron scraps as already equipped with orange peel grab or when assembled on pontoons or barges due to the fact that the operator cabin fixed higher compared to the usual lattice cranes allows several advantages like a better view for the crane operator. Furtermore the most boom pivot height, compared to a normal lattice crane, allows to approch alonside in optimal way a large type of Vessels when at sea.
    The cranes are actually at Gaeta (Italy).

    2 units of mobile harbour cranes ITALGRU GS 180P;
    Cranes are actually operative and ready to work - always serviced and tested according to every Italian law
    full set of documents available;
    Supplied with grabs of capacity 3 cubic meters;
    Year of construction 1989;
    Max. capacity at hook 20 m. tons;
    Max. capacity at grab 7 m.tons;
    Working radius 20 meters;
    Engine iveco diesel 166kw/2200 r.p.m.;
    Both the cranes are very fast and simple to service;
    Low gasoil consumption.

Codice: 00889
Marchio: ITALGRU
Modello: GS 180P
Anno: 1989
Ore: -
Peso: -
Ubicazione: IT
Prezzo: Trattativa riservata
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