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    The paper machine is constituted by equipment manufactured by the following companies:
    - OMMA
    - VOITH
    Based on following project data:
    - Effective width 3800 mm
    - Weight range 45-150 gsm
    - Machine speed 600 m/min
    - Production 130 t/d
    We have started with a Voith paper machine built in 1932 that we bought from Cartiere Sottrici
    Binda, Besozzo mill. As first and immediate step, the whole press section and the fourdrinier have
    been replaced. As second step, we have replaced the drying rolls, the headbox and the reel. Today,
    of the original machine, only the shoulders of the pre-drying section and some wire rolls remain.
    The drive arrangement of the machine has been partially recovered from Besozzo's machine, but
    later on it has been almost completely replaced. Steam system and hood were made new in 1992/93
    and then again upgraded and modified in subsequent years.
    Headbox: by Valmet como, installed in 1995. Output width 4050 mm and 150 t/d production.
    Fourdriner: by OMMA, year 1992, in stainless steel and carbon steel lined with stainless steel
    sheet. Length 12850 mm, width 4200 mm. Upgraded by Valmet Como in 2001: the wire roll has
    been modified from stationary into swiveling and the pick up press has been modified into
    stationary. The suction roll, bought from Cartiera del Garda in 1992, is Carcano and has 762 mm
    Picture n° 28 Valmet headbox
    Picture n° 29 Fourdrinier
    Originally, the first press was a pick up assembly from Carcano with suction press roll dia. 812 and
    granite counter roll dia. 875 mm. In 2001 it has been upgraded by Valmet Como.
    This press was bought originally from Cartiera del Garda in 1992.
    The second press was bought new in 1992 from De Pretto Escher-Wyss and it is constituted by a
    Nipco roll dia. 545 mm and by a 955 mm dia cylinder.
    From our data, we can say that dryness at the presses outlet was between 45 and 48 %.
    In the area under the first press and the wire roll there is the vat for the wet trimmings. The vat is in
    concrete lined with stainless steel sheet. The horizontal axes agitator is by Omma and it is complete
    of drive arrangement by motor and reducer.
    Picture n° 30 Suction roll 1st suction press
    Picture n° 31 2nd press with Nipco roll DP-EW
    Picture n° 32 2nd press hydraulic station (Nipco) DP-EW
    The drying section was rebuilt in 1995 by Valmet Como and is constituted by pre- and post-drying
    The pre-drying section includes 17 drying rolls dia. 1500 mm, face 3950 mm, operating pressure
    4,9 bar (Valmet Como). The pre-drying section is divided into 3 batteries, the first one is unirun
    type, the second and the third have top and bottom wires.
    The drying section shoulders have never been replaced but they have been reinforced.
    The post-drying section was also rebuilt in 1995 and it is formed by 10 drying rolls dia. 1500 mm,
    face 3950 mm, operating pressure 4,9 bar (Valmet Como).
    The first 2 dryers after the size press are Teflon coated and have no drying wire. The rest of the
    driers form a battery with two wires, top and bottom.
    The tail threading is performed by ropes. The groove for the ropes on the dryers is on the shell and
    not on the free pulley.
    In the end part of the post-drying section there is a Sonotec tail cutter (its operation to be verified).
    The drive arrangement of the drying batteries is by sectional motors and gears on the last driers of
    each battery. Because of the breakage of the toothed wheel of the 4th battery (post-size dryers),
    CVR has eliminated the pertaining drive and has moved the two driers from the ropes of the rope
    run inserting them into the loop of the 5th battery. Of course, the drive of the 4th battery must be
    reassembled as per its original arrangement.
    The drying section is equipped with centralized lubrication system (Safematic) for the bearings
    supports, with single adjustment of the flows and alarm for lack of flow.
    picture n° 33 Pre-drying section
    The size press was manufactured by Sonotec recovering the existing press rolls of the Voith
    machine of Besozzo mill, which rubber covering has been replaced.
    Both the rolls are driven.
    Under the size-press there is no broke pulper, so the broke and the tail falling under the machine
    must be manually removed.
    In case of breakage of the sheet at the size press, it is necessary to thread the tail from the wire

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