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SIEMENS HNG 40/32/20 -3

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    Manufacturer SIEMENS
    Model HNG 40/32/20 -3
    Type Back-pressure
    Construction Multistage,
    Single Cylinder
    Single Flow
    Downward Exhaust Blading
    Impulse and Reaction type blading
    1 impulse type wheel (part of the control stage) followed by reaction stage blades
    Inlet Steam Valves No.1 Stop and Emergency Trip Valve, hydraulically operated
    5 Throttle Control Valves, hydraulically operated
    Turbine shaft rotation speed (design) 4.200 rpm
    Rotation speed range 3.320 - 4.410 rpm

    Year of manufacture 1975
    First Commissioning 1999
    Operating hours approx. 2.000
    15 MW BP Steam Turbine

    Design power output (at turbine coupling) 13.470 kW
    Maximum power output 14.820 kW
    Live steam pressure (design / max cont) 108 - 114 bar
    Live steam temperature (design / max cont) 525 - 540 °C
    Rated Back-pressure 17 bar
    Back-pressure nominal range 15.5 - 18.5 bar
    Inlet steam flow (design) 123 t/h

    This industrial Turbine is sturdily manufactured and performs with great efficiency thanks to the reaction type blading in compliance with Siemens design. A very compact rotor configuration allows smooth operation in all the operating conditions. The Steam Turbine can also be successfully operated under steam conditions different from those listed above (design condition). Our technicians are available to evaluate the employment of the Siemens turbine in different operating conditions and to assess the expected performance running the turbine with new steam parameters. For several years this Turbine has been out of operation (never installed before 1999). The unit during all its operating life worked approx. for 2.000 hours only, as it was shut down just some months after the commissioning and the first start-up of the Turbogenerator, due to lack of steam in the factory.

Codice: 00704
Marchio: SIEMENS
Modello: HNG 40/32/20 -3
Anno: 1999
Ubicazione: IT
Data disponibilità: 09/08/2016
Prezzo: Trattativa riservata
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