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    DdG Equipment is pleased to present the following Budgetary Proposal for a combined cycle power plant of electric rated power of 690 MW with related description and scope of supply as per your request.
    If you need any additional information for the evaluation of this proposal, we remain at your complete disposal.
    This offer relates to a combined cycle power plant consists of two modules, each one with rated power of 345 MW, with reference to ISO standard ambient conditions (15 °C, 1013 mbar, 60% R.H.).
    The fuel uses for normal operating is natural gas, with the possibility of use liquid fuel (diesel fuel) in emergency conditions.
    Each module consists of two gas turbine groups (TG), connected to two heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) that provide superheated steam for a steam turbine (ST); the cold source of this last turbine is guaranteed by a closed circuit formed by a condenser and a dry cooling tower. The production of electricity is entrusted to three alternators, two connected to the gas turbine and one to the steam turbine; they are connected to the network via voltage booster transformers.
    The Power plant main components are the followings:
    - 4 gas turbines, with unit capacity of 120/130 MW;
    - 4 recovery steam generators, two pressure levels type;
    - 2 steam turbines, opposite flows type, of 110 MW;
    - 2 surface condensers, cross flows type, at a pressure lower than the atmospheric one;
    - 2 cooling towers, dry and natural draft type;
    - 6 synchronous alternators, three-phase type, with a power of 140 MVA;
    - 6 power transformers, 15/400 kV, 130 MVA.
    Each module consists of the following equipment:
    Model TG50D5
    Nominal power 123.000 kW
    Peak power 132.500 kW
    Axial Compressor
    Stages 19
    Compression ratio 1/14
    Air flow rate 443 kg/sec
    Power consumption 167.000 kW
    Stages 4
    Combustors 18
    Turbine inlet temperature 1.162 °C
    Natural gas flow rate 8,19 kg/sec
    Recovery steam generators
    Levels of pressure 2
    Circulation type natural
    Gas flow rate 1.605 t/h
    Gas inlet temperature 500 °C
    High pressure steam flow (H.P.) 172,9 t/h
    Steam temperature (H.P.) 490 °C
    Steam pressure (H.P.) 52,9 bar
    Low pressure steam flow (L.P.) 47,3 t/h
    Steam termperature L.P. 273 °C
    Steam pressure L.P. 6,28 bar
    Steam turbine
    Type condensing single-casing
    Inlet double
    Nominal power 110.000 kW
    Steam flow (H.P.) 345,8 t/h
    Steam temperature (H.P.) 490 °C
    Steam pressure (H.P.) 52,9 bar
    Steam flow (L.P.) 440,4 t/h
    Steam temperature (H.P.) 273 °C
    Steam pressure (H.P.) 6,28 bar
    N. of stages (H.P.) 19
    N. of stages (L.P.) 6
    Type double shell & tube
    Thermal power 265.000 kW
    Circulating water flow rate 4,9 m3/sec
    Absolute pressure (a 15 °C) 0,14 bar
    Nominal power 140.000 KVA
    Output voltage 15 kV
    Type of eccitation static by thyristors
    Coolant hydrogen
    Power transformer (excluded from the supply)
    Nominal power 130.000 kVA
    Primary voltage 15 kV
    Secondary voltage 400 kV
    Cooling tower(excluded from the supply)
    Type dry with natural draft
    Heat to be dissipated 266.300 kW
    Circulating water flow rate 4,9 m3/sec
    Inlet water temperature 51 °C
    Gap temperature to be dissipated 13 °C
    Inlet air flow rate 9.817 m3/sec

Codice: 00715
Marchio: FIAT
Anno: 1994
Ubicazione: IT
Data disponibilità: 20/12/2016
Prezzo: Trattativa riservata
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